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  • Wood stoves considered for legalisation in US town

    Chimney accessories such as wood stove pipes could soon be legalised in the American town of Silverthorne, Colorado.

    Solid fuel-burning tools were outlawed in the town from the mid-1990s until 2008, when masonry heaters were approved by the local council. Now, the council is considering the possibility of legalising wood stoves, according to

    Local resident and business owner Dave Van Duinen told the website:"Technology has changed such that we won't see the pollution we saw decades ago."

    This news comes after a chimney fire in the US state of Maine was reported by

    The fire occurred at a property in the town of Sebago and two people managed to vacate the premises before any possible injuries could be inflicted.

    Deputy fire chief Alan Greene told the website about the courage of the homeowners, saying: "They had the wherewithal and grabbed a garden hose and knocked the flames down."

  • Homeowners advised to be careful with wood-burning stoves

    Homeowners in the Hereford and Worcester areas have been advised to maintain flue accessories and wood-burning stoves.

    This is due to two recent chimney fires in the area, as the Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service were called to properties in Redditch and Webheath, according to the Redditch Advertiser.

    Tony Prosser, assistant chief fire officer from the fire service, told the news provider: "The majority of chimney fires are preventable – and the risk can be minimised by ensuring that chimneys are swept regularly."

    This news comes after the Manchester Evening News reported that Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service had warned property owners in Macclesfield to be precautious when operating heating tools.

    The news outlet revealed that a chimney fire at a house in Peter House Road, Sutton was the latest incident in the area, which required the attention of fire officials from Macclesfield Fire Station.

    Several other fires have also occurred throughout the Cheshire East area.

  • Fire officials attend American chimney fire

    A blaze in Kentucky has been extinguished after three hours of work from local fire fighters was completed to repair its flue accessories.

    The incident happened at Plymouth Street in the state's city of Middlesboro, which required the attention of fire officials who were forced to remove smouldering creosote from within the chimney's flue, according to

    Flames started from a wood stove in the home's fireplace, though a local fire fighter confirmed to the website that no damage was inflicted on the property.

    Last week, reported that a blaze in the US state of Maine was caused by leaves which entered the chimney's base and damaged flue components.

    The fire transpired at a home at 54 Taylor Road within the state's town of Sebago and two people were occupying the property during the incident, though no injuries were reported by the website.

    Deputy fire chief Alan Greene told the website about the actions of the homeowners, saying: "They had the wherewithal and grabbed a garden hose and knocked the flames down."

  • Cheshire fire fighters warn of chimney dangers this winter

    Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has advised homeowners in Macclesfield to be extra careful when using heating appliances such as flue liners for woodburners.

    The warning comes after several fires occurred across the Cheshire East area, according to the Manchester Evening News.

    A fire in a property in Peter House Road within the village of Sutton was the latest to be reported, as a fire crew from Macclesfield Fire Station attended the blaze.

    This news comes after the BBC reported that a thatched cottage in Church Road, Wormingford was rescued from severe damage thanks to the fast action of local fire officials, who put out the blaze and removed the affected thatch using their own hands.

    John Harris, a station officer who was at the scene, told the website: "It is difficult, labour intensive work but crews worked really hard and we had quickly stripped the roof away and prevented the spread of the fire."

  • Artist's old home damaged in fire

    The former home of watercolourist William Turner has been damaged in a fire, which fire officials believe started from flue accessories.

    Over 50 fire fighters attended the manor in Shipton-on-Chernwell at 20:00 GMT on Sunday night, according to the BBC.

    Fire crews from seven stations were on duty at the incident, with Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service informing the news provider that many of them remained there to help with repairing the damage.

    This news comes after Berwickshire News reported that a chimney fire awareness campaign has started in the Scottish borders.

    The programme started after over 100 chimney fires required the help of Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service in the last year.

    David Lockhart, community safety manager, told the website: "All too often fire fighters see people's homes badly damaged as a result of a chimney fire and we want to give residents advice on how these fires can be prevented."

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