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  • Chimney sparks cause West Somerset fire

    Sparks from flue accessories led to a fire in West Somerset, where more than ten crews were called to assist homeowners.

    Fire teams from Wilton, Minehead, Porlock, Taunton, Bridgewater and many other locations attended the blaze, which had to be extinguished using two foam jets as well as two main jets, according to

    A fire spokesman told the website: "The fire was caused by sparks from the chimney which caught the thatch. The property has suffered severe fire damage and one end was deemed structurally unstable."

    Meanwhile, the Manchester Evening News has reported that a farmhouse in Manchester caught fire last week, after flames burnt through its wood stove pipe.

    The blaze occurred in the Lower Little Bank farm in Carbrook farmhouse's fireplace and then spread to the floor before homeowners could even notice the damage.

    Fire officials spent a duration of four hours extinguishing the flames and checking for any extra hotspots.

  • Cambridge chimney fire triggers safety warning

    A chimney fire in Cambridge has triggered a safety warning from fire fighters, who are advising residents to maintain their flue accessories.

    The incident occurred in West Wratting and required the assistance of fire teams from Sawston as well as Cambridge, which used hose reels and chimney rods to combat the blaze, according to the Haverhill Echo.

    A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service told the newspaper: "Please ensure you get your chimney swept and the brickwork inspected at least once a year to help to prevent a chimney fire."

    Earlier this month, reported that a chimney fire in the East Sussex area proved extremely challenging for fire officials.

    Four fire engines were called to the blaze, which occurred at a property in the county's Ripe region.

    Two house reel jets were used to combat the fire, while anti-fire foam was also spread across the flames. No injuries were reported.

  • Numerous chimney fires hit Suffolk

    Fire crews have combated a number of chimney blazes in Suffolk over this past weekend, with many incidents being caused by faulty flue accessories.

    At 9:46 GMT on Sunday, fire officials attended a fire in Witnesham, which was caused by a faulty woodburning stove and had to be extinguished using a turn table ladder, a roof ladder and a hose reel, according to the East Anglia Daily Times.

    As well as this, a fire was also tackled in Chediston at 9:45 GMT on Sunday, with one fire engine from Horsforth arriving at the scene and subduing the flames in just over an hour.

    Meanwhile, recently offered tips for homeowners who are concerned about the hazards of home heating.

    The site suggested that residents should also be aware of their chimney's state, as an improperly cleaned chimney can often lead to creosote build-up.

    Areas that surround chimneys should also be cleared of any debris of flammable materials.

  • Sidford pub suffers second chimney fire

    A pub in Sidford has suffered a chimney fire for the second time in five years, after defective flue accessories triggered a blaze earlier this month.

    Two fire engines from Sidmouth were called to the incident, while a third followed from Exeter and utilised a hydraulic platform in order to tackle the blaze, according to

    A spokesperson for the Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service said: "We were called to a chimney fire at a thatched pub, which was well alight when crews arrived from Sidmouth. The thatch was not affected, but the police were called to control traffic."

    This news comes after the Whitby Gazette reported that fire crews in Whitby were called to two fires within minutes of each other earlier this month.

    The initial incident happened on January 21st at roughly 10:00 GMT in the Sleights area, with the subsequent fire occurring a short while later at St Peter's Road.

  • Fire starts from wood burning stove

    A Manchester farmhouse caught fire this week after flames engulfed the property's wood stove pipe.

    The blaze began in the Lower Little Bank farm in Carbrook farmhouse's fireplace and rapidly travelled to the floor before the home's residents could even realise its existence, according to the Manchester Evening News.

    Fire officials arrived at the scene at 18:20 GMT on Monday (January 24th) and spent a duration of four hours extinguishing the flames as well as ensuring that the building was in a stable condition for its owners.

    Meanwhile, the Basingstoke Gazette has reported that the mayor of Basingstoke recently investigated a home's chimney as he took on a day's service with local fire fighters.

    Keith Chapman spent the day with experts from the area's Blue Watch service in an attempt to obtain a first-hand understanding of their job and the numerous dangers of tending to fires in the region.

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