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  • Chimney fire leads to fish and chip shop damage

    A fire that began from flue accessories has led to significant damage at a fish and chip shop in Torquay.

    The incident meant that the local seafront area had to be closed off to provide emergency services with sufficient space to combat the flames, according to the Herald Express.

    Chip shop owner Norma Hannah told the newspaper: "I would like to thank all the fire crews for their quick response because it could have been a lot more serious than it was. At least no one was hurt."

    Meanwhile, the Maidenhead Advertiser recently reported that a home in Maidenhead was damaged by a chimney blaze.

    A fire team attended the property in Sutton Close at around 19:00 GMT on February 24th, after residents witnessed sparks being released from their chimney and heard obscure "roaring" sounds from the structure.

  • US chimney blaze inflicts 'major damage' on property

    A chimney blaze in the American state of Nebraska has engulfed flue accessories and caused major damage to a home.

    The incident occurred in the state's Ravenna region, where fire fighters were called to contain the blaze, which was extremely strong and took around five hours to be subdued safely, according to

    Local fire chief Dwayne Thomsen told the website: "They were downtown for supper, and when they returned home, the home was filled with smoke. The whole upstairs was gutted and I believe the first floor received a lot of water damage."

    Earlier this month, an accumulation of creosote led to a chimney fire in Ohio, US.

    The property's homeowners were forced to flee the premises, as fire fighters removed insulation in an attempt to contain the flames and save the home.

    No injuries were reported during the incident.

  • Creosote suspected as cause of US chimney fire

    Creosote has been suspected as the cause of a chimney fire in Boston, US, which saw flue accessories become damaged.

    Local fire fighters were called to the scene in the early evening, after an off-duty official noticed sparks emanating from the home's chimney and sought the attention of the fire department, reports FenceViewer.

    Fire chief Wayne Patton told the news provider: "It was a stubborn one. There was a lot of smoke associated with it and the inside of the chimney probably needs work."

    This news comes after Enterprise News reported that American fire crews were recently hampered by icy conditions when travelling to a chimney fire in Massachusetts, US.

    Local fire captain Glenn MacNayr said that officials used chains to transfer burning creosote from the property's ember box, which was successfully completed in less than an hour without any reported injuries.

  • US family 'left homeless' by chimney fire

    An American family has been left without a home after flames engulfed their property's flue accessories and eventually destroyed the full building.

    The fire occurred in the state of New Hampshire, where flames ignited in a home's chimney in the early hours of the morning and then led to severe structural damage that cannot be repaired, according to

    Volunteer fire fighters assisted at the scene by providing 1,500 ft of water from a nearby hydrant, which as commended by the local fire chief Dave Bengston.

    Meanwhile, reported that a home in the state of Washington, US, was recently damaged by a chimney fire.

    The blaze happened in the Clarkston region and was noticed when smoke began to circulate from the building's attic.

    Fire captain Jim Babino told the website: "Chimney fires can get into the walls, they can get into the attic area. Those fires can go from a small incident to a large incident in a small period of time, so it's important to keep those chimneys clean."

  • American chimney fire started from 'creosote'

    A chimney fire in the American state of Ohio that started from flue accessories was initially triggered by a build-up of creosote, it has been claimed.

    The incident occurred in the state's Dayton region, where homeowners were forced to flee their home as fire fighters removed insulation in order to subdue the flames. However, no injuries were reported, according to the Dayton Daily News.

    Residents at the home noticed the fire in the early morning and quickly contacted the local fire team, which was able to extinguish the blaze in around half an hour.

    This news comes after reported that a property in Florida was destroyed by a chimney fire earlier this month.

    One of the home's occupants John Piramble told the website: "We heard something dropping from inside the fireplace, the metal, and when I looked outside I seen the top of the roof was on fire and we got out of the house."

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