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  • More homes need to be built for 'economic and social reasons'

    More homes need to be constructed across the UK for economic and social reasons, one specialist has insisted.

    The introduction of new homes would lead to more jobs, as the construction industry is one of the country's most recognised employers, a spokesperson from the Home Builders Federation (HBF) has noted.

    Steve Turner, spokesman for the HBF, said: "If we can address the constraints currently in place, which are a lack of mortgage availability and a lack of developable land, then the industry stands to increase production."

    Mr Turner emphasised that the current acute housing crisis means that more houses need to be built.

    Elsewhere, Process and Control Today has reported that Fulton Limited has introduced two one-day training courses for people who are hoping to widen their knowledge of heating appliances.

    Its Operator Routines & Maintenance and Steam Systems courses provide an in-depth look at the functions of boilers.

  • Boiler stolen from Exhall home

    Burglars stole a boiler and other flue accessories from a home in Exhall earlier this week.

    The theft took place in Longford Road on November 25th. A police representative told the BBC that the boiler was removed from the wall, while associated pipes were also taken away.

    This crime has been condemned by the local neighbourhood watch co-ordinator Lynne Price.

    Ms Price explained to the news provider: "It's the first I've ever come across an occupied dwelling having it done, empty properties yes but not an occupied dwelling."

    She added that the incident appalled her and urged other people to monitor homes in their street.

    Andrew Kibble from the Health Protection Agency recently told the Worcester News that people should have their boilers checked by a registered engineer this winter.

    These checks are essential in reducing the likelihood of carbon monoxide poisoning, a disease that can cause collapse or even death.

  • Boilers must be checked this winter, expert says

    People should have their boilers, heaters and other flue accessories checked by a registered engineer, a specialist has recommended.

    These checks need to be completed in order to reduce the probability of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can cause collapse or even death, the Health Protection Agency has told the Worcester News.

    Andrew Kibble, of the Health Protection Agency, told the news provider: "To minimise the risks, I recommend that people have these appliances and their flues checked before the start of winter."

    Other potential symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, chest pains and vomiting.

    Recently, BYM Product and Industry News revealed that boaters who have equipped fuel stoves can gain assistance from the Boat Safety Scheme's (BSS) new site.

    The website has advised boaters about the risks of over-firing, while alerting them to the dangers of wood and paper if they are positioned in close proximity to a stove.  

  • Fulton introduces heating training courses

    Fulton Limited has launched two one-day training courses for people looking to advance their knowledge of flue accessories.

    The firm's Operator Routines & Maintenance course covers day-to-day operation and monitoring, while providing workers with the skills necessary to monitor boilers and check they are running efficiently, reports Process and Control Today.

    It has also announced its Knowledge of Steam Systems course, presenting an in-depth look at the boiler system.

    Fulton customer services manager Jeff Byrne told the news provider: "We have always promoted the benefits of operator training to our customers and we enjoy seeing technicians and engineers grow in confidence as they improve their knowledge."

    Mr Byrne added that the course could help people to save money on unwanted engineer visits.

    Yesterday (November 28th), the Renewable Heat Incentive was launched by the government.

    The scheme enables residents to apply for heat tariff payments, which aim to boost the sustainability of heating systems nationwide.

  • Plans made for St Michael's Farm power plant

    Plans have been announced for a £4 million power plant and flue accessories development to be built on the site of Moss House Farm, a St Michael's Farm in upper Rawcliffe.

    These proposals have been released by Simon Rigby, one of the co-founders of Farmgen. The site is expected to be an Anaerobic Digestion power plant, with its power being collected from slurry, according to the Garstang Courier.

    Ed Cattigan, Farmgen's commercial director, told the news provider: "Our aim is for Moss House Farm to play an important part in our growth plans, as part of the revolution in green energy."

    Mr Cattigan stressed that rural communities across Lancashire can benefit from farm-based Anaerobic Digestion technology.

    Elsewhere, the Harrow Observer has reported that a church in Pinner will fit solar panels in an effort to enjoy energy savings.

    Situated on Love Lane, St Luke's Roman Catholic Church has applied to Harrow Council to use the south-facing roof as a method of utilising the sun's energy.

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