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  • SSE to publish power plant data

    British utility SSE will start to reveal power plant outage data for stations with flue accessories that are larger than 100 megawatts.

    This initiative will begin from December 28th in adherence with the European Union-wide regulation regarding energy market transparency. The legislation hopes to prevent insider trading and market abuse in the energy markets.

    In a statement, the firm said: "SSE will disclose publicly data for planned or unplanned outages affecting its wholly-owned power plant for units of more than 100 megawatts in capacity, including the reason for the outage and its expected duration."

    SSE has established itself as the UK's second-largest power producer, claiming an ownership interest in over 100 thermal and renewable energy power plants.

    This news comes after South Dorset MP Richard Drax launched the biomass heating system at the Olympic Sailing Village.

    Mr Drax cut the ribbon in front of the new wood pellet boilers at the £13 million Officers Field housing development in Portland.

  • Residents urged to check central heating this winter

    Residents have been advised to check the condition of their central heating systems this season, as flue accessories begin to feel the effects of the winter weather.

    Last year, frozen condensate pipes caused many issues, burdening homeowners with no heating and necessitating the assistance of heating installers, The Heating and Hotwater Industry Council (HHIC) has told the Bury Focus.

    A common issue among homes was where their condensate drainage pipe had frozen, leading the condensate to back up into the boiler and triggering a total shutdown of their central heating.

    HHIC deputy director Chris Yates said: "Our changing climate has put additional pressures on householders heating systems. That is why HHIC is urging households to check their heating systems before winter really kicks in."

    Heating advice has also been issued by Build It, with the magazine's editor Anna-Marie DeSouza recommending that people should install property insulation as a means of ensuring their homes remain warm in winter.

  • HWFRS advises people to check smoke alarms

    People in Herefordshire have been told to frequently check their smoke alarms in order to ensure that the devices will keep them safe.

    Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service (HWFRS) has launched its Test It Tuesday initiative, encouraging homeowners to test their alarms every week, reports the Hereford Times.

    HWFRS station commander Grant Wills told the newspaper: "Quite simply, smoke alarms save lives and so we are recommending that testing smoke alarms is high on everyone’s list of priorities in the new year."

    Mr Wills continued by saying that testing smoke alarms will give people peace of mind, while protecting them and their family.

    A safety warning has also been issued by gas-electric franchisee David McVicker, who told Peterborough Today that landlords could be the indirect cause of someone's death if they do not ensure that their flue accessories comply with gas safety regulations.

  • Draught-proofing is 'effective and cheap'

    Draught-proofing is one of the most affordable and effective methods of improving a home's flue accessories, a specialist has suggested.

    The method will cut out all of the gaps in the doors and windows of homes, while making houses appear more attractive for people who are visiting, a representative from the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC) has argued.

    Andrew Leech, executive director of the NHIC, said: "Anything you can do in a property to save energy, to make it look good and to generally improve its wellbeing is ideal."

    People should be considering maintaining their homes because of the upcoming Green Deal, which will lay down certain regulations for homeowners, Mr Leech believes.

    His remarks follow a report by the Haverhill Echo, which revealed that grants of over £9,000 have been allocated for heating improvements at Sawston Cinema.

    Among these will be the installation of a new boiler.

  • Check wood stove pipes after Christmas

    As Christmas draws to a close and individuals look forward to their New Year's Eve celebrations, people could take some time to check the condition of their wood stove pipes.

    An inspection now could prove to be highly beneficial, possibly saving money that would have been spent on repairing a broken device, or even helping to save lives.

    Obviously, not everyone will be well-versed in using heating appliances, so those who are apprehensive about tampering with their systems should simply seek the advice of a professional.

    It isn't only wood stoves that require attention this winter either, as boilers can also be susceptible to damage.

    The devices can be extremely dangerous if they are not maintained adequately.

    One of the hazards that can arise from improper use of boilers is carbon monoxide poisoning which, despite being invisible, can seriously harm or even kill those who are exposed to it.

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