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  • Flue Supplies Ultraflex goes Down Under

    Flue Supplies ship products all over the UK and Ireland, and we are often told that our flue systems are to be taken and used in European countries.

    However, excitingly for Flue Supplies, our UltraFlex flexible liner has now been taken on a round-the-world trip and installed in a property in Southern Australia!

    "I had never tried to buy anything for a wood burning stove before and I had never tried to ship anything of that size to Australia either! Please thank all of the staff at Flue Supplies for all the help and patience you gave me- it arrived in Adelaide completely safe and sound! Thank you Flue Supplies!"

    It's good to know that our products are keeping our customers warm wherever they are in the World!

  • Snake causes panic as it slithers out of chimney stack

    A family from Abbey Wood, having called the RSPCA with no response, called the police after an aggressive 3ft snake slithered out of their chimney and into their lounge.

    A hiss from the family cat in the direction of the fireplace tempted one family member to take a closer look. It was only when he put his head up in the chimney stack did he come face to face with the snake.

    Thought to be a Desert King snake, normally only found in Southern America, the police were called to try to capture the reptile. Taking over an hour, the snake was finally detained by police using a bin, a takeaway pizza box and gaffer tape and taken to a nearby wildlife rescue centre.

    Desert King snakes can grow up to 6ft long. It is not known how the snake got into the chimney or how long it was there for.


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