Flue Supplies News

Flue Supplies News

  • Flues for Pizza Ovens, Chimnea's or Outdoor Kitchens

    With the summer fast approaching, you find yourself spending more time in the garden or on the patio socialising or just spending quality time with the family.

    And the time has come for the outdoor kitchen or BBQ to be uncovered, cleaned and cranked up for the first time.

    Pizza Ovens, Chimnea or outdoor kitchens are becoming more popular in the UK and a great talking point with your guests or family members you haven't seen for some time.

    We at Flue Supplies offer the very best in single skin Vitreous enamel stove pipe and Jeremias Twin wall systems to fit your ovens. These systems allow you to cook with ease and with the reassurance that you have a system that assures a quality performance.

    We have a choice of selected finishes for your system ranging from Matt Black, Gloss Block or Stainless Steel.

    So if your thinking of buying or building an outdoor kitchen or pizza oven speak to Fluesupplies for your quality chimney product.


  • Served its purpose: One of Blackburn’s oldest Chimney Mills demolished for housing estate


    One of the last remaining functioning chimney mills was demolished in the remote town of Feniscowles, Blackburn to make way for a massive 500 home estate enterprise.                                                                                          It took no less than three quarters of an hour for the 42 metre chimney to cool down after dominating the Blackburn skyline for more than 140 years.          It was one of only a few original structures remaining from the Sappi Paper Mill that took control of the estate in the mid-1970s.                                  63 year old john Warburton who owns the Cherry Tree firm said that “It was a real softie. This was my 101st demolition of a mill chimney. It’s a bitter-sweet experience as we used to maintain them, including this one at Sappi. “It is the best in the borough and will remain.”                                                                                                       

    You can watch the footage of the historic structure collapse at the following link https://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/14271621.PICTURES_VIDEO__End_of_an_era_as_historic_Blackburn_mill_chimney_falls_to_earth___/

  • Chimney Fire Safety Week

    chimneyfireweekChimney Fire Safety Week, which started this week, provides a timely reminder to make sure your chimney is ready for the winter .

    The Office of National Statistics refers to a chimney fire as any fire in an occupied building where the fire was confined within the chimney structure. In the year 2013-2014 there were just 7,700, a decline of 18% (9,400) from the year previous. This decline is a positive step and proves how increased awareness of the causes of chimney fires can prevent major damage to homes, especially since the sales and installations of stoves and log burners has increased over the last few years.

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  • Flue Supplies Ultraflex goes Down Under

    Flue Supplies ship products all over the UK and Ireland, and we are often told that our flue systems are to be taken and used in European countries.

    However, excitingly for Flue Supplies, our UltraFlex flexible liner has now been taken on a round-the-world trip and installed in a property in Southern Australia!

    "I had never tried to buy anything for a wood burning stove before and I had never tried to ship anything of that size to Australia either! Please thank all of the staff at Flue Supplies for all the help and patience you gave me- it arrived in Adelaide completely safe and sound! Thank you Flue Supplies!"

    It's good to know that our products are keeping our customers warm wherever they are in the World!

  • Snake causes panic as it slithers out of chimney stack

    A family from Abbey Wood, having called the RSPCA with no response, called the police after an aggressive 3ft snake slithered out of their chimney and into their lounge.

    A hiss from the family cat in the direction of the fireplace tempted one family member to take a closer look. It was only when he put his head up in the chimney stack did he come face to face with the snake.

    Thought to be a Desert King snake, normally only found in Southern America, the police were called to try to capture the reptile. Taking over an hour, the snake was finally detained by police using a bin, a takeaway pizza box and gaffer tape and taken to a nearby wildlife rescue centre.

    Desert King snakes can grow up to 6ft long. It is not known how the snake got into the chimney or how long it was there for.

    From: https://bit.ly/162acLz

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