5" - 6" Increasing Adaptor (316 1mm)

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5" - 6" Increasing Adaptor (316 1mm)



5" to 6" increasing adaptor used to increase the size of flue pipe (Stepped increaser).

Made of 316 Stainless Steel.

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316 increasing adaptor


316/1mm stove pipe should always be installed 3 x the internal diameter away from any combustible materials such as plaster board ceilings or wood, e.g: a 6" diameter piece of 316 pipe should be 18" away from combustible materials.

Each joint made should be sealed with fire cement. 316 flue pipe is only to be used as a connecting piece of flue between the appliance (eg: woodstove) and the flue liner or chimney stack.

Building Regulations

Download Building Regulations Document J (effective October 2010) below

Download Document J

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