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Log Burner Flue Kits

If you are looking for flue kits for log burners, chimney liner kits or stove flue kits, we can help. is the UK's leading supplier of flue products for log burning stoves , multi fuel stoves, gas fires, open fires and commercial boilers.  You can buy with complete confidence as all our products are HETAS compliant and available with full warranties.

What is in a flue kit

When undertaking a new wood stove installation, it's easy to simply look for a complete package that will give you everything you need. However, in reality, every project is different, with a variety of components, sizes and requirements, so a “one size fits all” approach is tricky.  Here, we will guide you through what is normally in a chimney flue liner kit. 

In a hurry? Give our specialists a call on 0344 8006586 and they will go through the details of your project and compile a list of items you'll need. 

A flue kit is usually comprised of the following products:

Stove Pipe

stove flue pipeStove pipe is the short length of pipe that comes out the top of the appliance and connect to the chimney stack (via the register plate).
Constructed from vitreous enamel, we supply in matt black or stainless steel finish.

Flexible Flue Liner

flexible flue linerFlexible flue liner is the cylindrical steel tubing used to line the brick chimney, and runs the length of the chimney stack from stove pipe up to chimney cowl.

It's sold by the metre, so it's advisable to know the length of your chimney stack before ordering.

Stove Pipe to Flue Liner Adaptor

stove pipe flue liner adapterStove pipe to flue liner adaptor enables the flue liner to connect to the stove pipe.

Nose Cone

flue nose coneA nose cone helps in pulling the flexible liner
through the chimney during installation, keeping it from getting snagged.

Register Plate

chimney register plateA register plate closes off the chimney stack at the bottom , preventing debris falling down your chimney.


chimney cowlChimney cowls come in many different types, with the main purposes of preventing debris and animals getting into the chimney at the external opening,
and helping the chimney draw better to ensure proper function of your stove.

Fire Cement

fire cementFire cement is a putty like jointing material capable of withstanding heat up to 1250 degrees.

Used seal the joints of different elements of your installation.

For details of external flue kits: please see our twin wall flue section for details of all external flue products or alternatively, give our team a call on 0344 8006586 for help.

Will I need any other products?

There are many other items you may need, depending on the details of your project, that are not usually included in flue kits.

These may include:

Chimney Flue Kit FAQ

What flue do I need for a log burner?

Building Regulations dictate that the minimum flue diameter for stoves up to 20kW burning smokeless fuel should be a minimum 5inch / 125mm diameter.
For stoves up to 30kW and burning any fuel the diameter should be a minimum 6inch / 150mm diameter.  Defra exempt stoves with a 125mm outlet are able to use a 5inch /125mm diameter flue.

How do you fit a wood burner flue?

Flexible flue is first either pulled up the chimney stack or dropped down from the top (for this a nose cone is extremely useful). Connections are then made to the register plate at the bottom and chimney cowl at the top. For more information see our flexible flue liner installation guide 

Can I install a log burner myself?

It is strongly recommended that you get a HETAS approved tradesman to install and connect your log burner. The exhaust gases from stoves can be dangerous, due to carbon monoxide, if they leak out into the room, not to mention any risk of fire, so it really is advisable to get it done by a specialist.

What's the difference between 316 and 904 flue liner?

The installation of a flue for wood or multifuel stoves requires a class 1 liner with an inner of either 904 or 316 grade stainless steel.

But what is the difference?

The difference between 904 & 316 is the thickness of the layers within the steel. 316 liner is suitable for most domestic wood burning stoves. However for multifuel appliances, 904 liner should be used as it is a higher grade liner.

This is due to a higher production of acidic condensates when burning smokeless fuels.

How long will a flexible flue liner last?

This will obviously depend on where you obtain your liner, but our own Ultraflex flexible liner, manufactured by us in the UK, has the following minimum life expectancies:
Our Ultraflex 316 grade flue liner (suitable for burning dried seasoned wood, gas & oil) is guaranteed for 20 years.

Our Ultraflex 904 grade liner (suitable for burning dried seasoned wood, gas & oil) is guaranteed
for 35 years.

How often should you replace your chimney liner?

On average, the lifespan of a chimney liner is around 20 years , after which time you will probably need to get the entire liner replaced to ensure it's still up to the job and not a serious fire risk. If you opt for our Ultraflex 904 grade, the minimum life expectancy is 35 years.

Whatever the shape or size of your project, or requirements of your log burner flue kit, give our friendly specialists a call on 0344 8006586 and they will be happy to go through the details of your project and help your compile a list of items you'll need.

For more detailed information, see our installation guides:

Flexible liner installation 
Twin wall installation 

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