Coaliton will 'do things' to help people pay less for gas

The coalition will "do things" to help people spend less money on their gas bills, energy secretary Ed Davey has said.

Speaking to the BBC 5Live's Breakfast, Mr Davey explained that gas and electricity costs are too high and that the government will make a difference by forcing monthly expenses to become more transparent.

"One of our jobs is to get a wedge between the bills people face - because they are too high - and the cost of electricity and gas on the wholesale market," he noted.

Mr Davey also conceded that the UK's gas prices are impacted when rates increase across the world.

His comments follow research from, which found that nearly two-thirds of UK consumers turn off their heating even during cold conditions in order to save money.

The study also discovered that three-quarters of households have limited their spending over the past year because of the financial climate.