A woodburning stove will often take pride of place in a front room, and more frequently these items are being supported by colourful interior design.

Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen, interior designer and TV presenter, said that homeowners are becoming more comfortable with splashes of colour in their property.

He noted that this wasn't paler shades like lilac or blush, but bolder schemes such as red, which would have been a big no-no five or six years ago.

"We're falling in love with our living rooms again, rather than a price tag or something we can just make money out of. We know that, actually, the principal investment in our homes is the emotional investment, not the financial investment," Mr Llewelyn-Bowen stated.

The use of colour around the fireplace could help to offset a rustic-looking burner and bring it into the modern age.

Furthermore, additional warmth will be added to the room by using shades such as red, rather than creams.